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Engineering Support and Maintenance Services is at the fore front of what we do at Solafide Projects. The services we provide aim to exceed all complex challenges so as to improve profitability in every area of Engineering. Our qualified engineers carry out their work on a foundation of excellence and from an innovative standpoint to ensure that all our customers receive the optimum complete solution that meets their business’ expectations. We do this by taking every project through seven compulsory stages:

Stage 1


Preliminary Consultation

We begin any project by understanding its background, timescales, and key requirements. This is to enable us assign the most suitable skilled members to the project.

Stage 2


Project Scope

Once we’ve gained a basic understanding of the project, we progress to define its scope and capture key stakeholders’ requirements so that we can fully understand the challenges that lie ahead. During this stage, we will assess, in great detail, the business and project background, project goals, time scales, technical requirements, and expected deliverables.

Stage 3



It is at this stage that we demonstrate how we add value to engineering through quality procurement. Our procurement team procures and supplies the required equipment, materials, and labor needed to complete the project successfully.

Stage 4


Engineering Works

Once procurement is complete, we proceed with construction and implementation. Our specialist engineering teams are deployed to the project site to ensure adequate construction of the work. Activities such as setting up temporary storage facilities, securing the project site, developing a material and handling plan, and creating safety programs are performed during this stage. This stage is vital in the process because it allows us to utilise our knowledge, skill and experience to resolve complex challenges.

Stage 5


Quality Assurance

This stage is for our Quality Assurance Team to inspect, approve and validate the engineering work that has been done and then eliminate any errors. The quality of each engineering work activity is also assessed throughout the life of the project to ensure that projects are delivered in a consistent, compliant, timely and cost-effective manner.

Stage 6


Sign-Off and Operational Handover 

At this stage, once the requirements and goals for the engineering work or product has passed quality assurance, we will request you to sign-off on the project so we can handover all engineering work operations that we carried out to your company. This stage presents the opportunity for our customers to inspect the work output and express any concerns that they may have for our team to put right

Stage 7


After--Care Support

After sign – off and handover of operations, as experts in the area of Engineering Maintenance and Support, we aim to provide continued customer support which varies due to the project type and size and includes defined engineer call-out fees as well as free telephone support.

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