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At Solafide Resources, we are passionate about making a difference in procurement for the benefit of our customers. The services we provide under procurement involves determining your business requirements, finding suitable and reliable suppliers, carrying out an in-depth value analysis, supplying and delivering your requested goods and services and after sales support. We’ve broken our procurement process into five distinct stages to enable us provide an efficient service to our customers. These stages are further explained below;

Stage 1


Needs Recognition

The preliminary step in our procurement process is recognizing your need for a product or service. As a professional business, we start all our projects with an extensive consultation. This process is created to fully understand the needs and objectives of our clients.

Stage 2



In the second phase of our service to your business, we move on to source and purchase a range of products that meets your specific needs and requirements. Our global accessibility and effective supplier relationships enable us to source products that meet the expectations of our clients. And so, during this process, we negotiate cost savings up to an average of 20%. Therefore, promising a long-term value which makes us highly cost effective.

Stage 3



At this stage, we are ready to deliver to your preferred schedule, whether it is in time for a launch, staggered refurbishments, or ongoing stock replenishment. After receiving the promised goods or services, we expect our clients to examine the order and notify us of any issues or discrepancies with the received items within 14 calendar days.

Stage 4


After-Sales Support

After receipt of the goods or service, as experts in the area of industrial procurement, we aim to provide ongoing support based on product knowledge. This helps to smooth the entire procurement process if there are any problems with stock or warranties.

Stage 5



We like to keep our clients well informed and ahead of the market, that's why, we continuously update our knowledge on new products and emerging industry and technology trends.

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